The world is new. The world is old. Things have come before and yet nothing like you has ever existed prior. You can shape things to come, bring life to a realm, or utterly destroy it. Rule, or be ruled. You are immortal, eternal, as long as nothing kills you first.

In the beginning, there was nothing, no chaos nor law. Out of that nothing sprung Life. Life is energy, Life is magic, Life is all. Life is lonely. Life created the first plane, where they could run from the loneliness. Their footsteps created more. Heat, Light, and Fire. Rock, Sand, Soil. Water and Ice. Air and Wind. Though they were touched with Life, they had no aspirations, no want, no joy. And Life was still lonely.

Another moment, before or after, Life created Time. Rock shifted, Water waved, Wind Blew. At that time, Death was sprung from elsewhere in the nothingness. Death followed Life and they became friends. Death and Life had children. First Seed, and Tree and Flower. Then Fish and Beast and Bird. Life was no longer lonely.

Eons later, the plane grew and flourished and withered and died and became anew, era after era. However, Time watched and saw that all others were patterned. And became bored observing the same actions, itself after itself. Time asked Life to create something new, something that had its own spark of creativity. Life did.

The Titans became. They ruled over that which came before, wielding terrific power to shape and change and grow and devour. They created planes of Fire, of Water, of Air; Light and Shadow. Some Titans got along, some fought and bickered. Some were creators, others destroyers.

Time was very interested in the Titans and what they could do. Yet, even so, as it went on, the Titans lacked ambition, they became complacent. Waves would clash against Rocks, and Wind would stir it, but there was no thought to it, just shows of force. And Millennia after Millennia would live and die and Time was again bored. It asked Life create something new, something that would want to create further new things; not just repeats of what has already been.

Life began work on a new plane, one that has been touched by all others that have come before it and what will come after. This plane is malleable to others, if they possess the will and the power. To fill this realm, Life asked upon the first created. Streams, rivers, oceans, mountains, deserts, ice, and all manner of beast and bird, tree and moss, are alive here. However, Life was told by Time what would come to pass, and so they tucked this small, changing plane away, secretly. Then, Life created the Gods. Life created You. But hiding this god-realm away wasn’t enough. The Titans have noticed you.

Some Titans see you as a threat upon their being, that you are meant to rule them just as they rule the forces before them. Others see you as an inevitability, just as you will someday be surpassed. Some pay you no heed, be it that they feel you are beneath them, or simply another ebb and flow of Life. Most, however are angered by your mere existence..

In this new world, created by Life itself specifically for you, you will walk. You will grow in power, your domains giving you strength and purpose. They will be your weapons against the Titans that seek to cast you out, back into the nothingness. As of now, the word “god” is synonymous with child and toddler. So sharpen your skills and hone your abilities. If you wish to rule, you must become more. You must begin the Gods’climb.